Pregnancy and Parenting

The university prohibits discrimination against students, faculty and staff based on pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy or recovery from any of these conditions.

If a student or employee believes they have been discriminated against or harassed because of pregnancy, please refer to the Nondiscrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Policy. You may also file a complaint.

Request an Accommodation

  • If you require time off work for your pregnancy, contact Human Resource Services and discuss the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • If you are still working but require accommodations to fulfill the essential functions of your position, complete the Accommodation Request Form
  • Please note you will need to provide medical documentation
  • The ADA Coordinator will then contact you and your supervisor to determine what is a reasonable accommodation(s)

For more information about this process, please view the Employment and Accommodations policy.

  • NIU will maintain all the rights for pregnant or parenting students.
  • To request accommodations while pregnant or parenting, contact the Dean of Students Office at 815-753-6100, or in person at Altgeld Hall, room 208.

Get more information about pregnancy and parenting

  • If you require an accommodation as a job applicant, please complete the Accommodation Request Form
  • The ADA coordinator will contact you and determine what is necessary to meet your needs.
  • Medical documentation must be provided to the director to implement a reasonable accommodation(s)

For more information about this process, please view the Employment and Accommodations policy.


NIU provides private non-restroom space for lactation needs. By law, the university is not responsible to provide refrigeration for expressed milk. This is the responsibility of the faculty, staff, job applicant or student to ensure against spoilage. 


If you have questions or concerns regarding pregnancy/childbirth, parental status or Title IX, please contact:

Ethics and Compliance Office

Illinois Department of Human Rights

Department of Education: Office for Civil Rights