Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science


Below is a list of all the scientists and teachers filmed during the course of this project. Click on the individual you are interested in learning more about to go to a page where all his/her video clips can be found.



Regina is a high energy physicist whose work is collaborative. She talks about important aspects of motivation that influenced her to become a scientist.


Dionne specializes in biophysical chemistry and diabetes research. She talks about how support from others was key to her choice of becoming a scientist. 


Sheri is an immunologist specializing in cancer research who believes that mistakes are part of the learning process. She was influenced to pursue science by her high school biology teacher and her parents.


Georgia is a computer scientist who was inspired by a great high school math teacher. She now teaches computer science and gaming.


Angela seeks to understand how social bonds relate to stress and heart disease. She aims to find better ways for psychologists to prevent and treat those problems.


Laura, a food scientist and toxicologist, was motivated to be a scientist by a challenging high school teacher and by Regina. She is currently the chief scientist at the National Confectioners Association.



Kris is a high school biology teacher who emphasizes positive classroom relationships as a means of engaging her students and increasing their motivation.


Deb is a high school environmental science teacher who engages students in many ways. We visited two programs where students engage as mentors of younger students.


Ray is a student-centered high school chemistry teacher who uses the inquiry approach for boosting student learning. He inspires his students in multiple ways.


Matt teaches physical science to freshman students. He is especially good at promoting their interest and success in high school science.


Steve teaches physics to juniors and seniors. He promotes a growth mindset, uses humor effectively, and builds strong positive relationships with and among students.


Kelda teaches geology to upper classman at a diverse high school. She is known for her enthusiasm, the field experiences she plans with Mike, and partnerships with parents.


Greg contributes to science education in many ways. We visited his tenth grade physical science class when students were engaged in a vermaculture project that he ties to numerous scientific concepts in the curriculum.


Meg teaches biology and environmental science to freshman and sophomore students in a suburban high school. She is known for her use of problem based learning and for engaging her students in service projects related to science.


Mike teaches environmental science to upper classman. He challenges his students and helps them learn how to be successful. His passion is outdoor education and he works hard with Kelda to provide it for students and parents.