Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



2. Promoting Relevance and Utility Value

Science360 Videos are a compilation of clips made by scientists, laboratories and their agencies to exemplify current science stories and discoveries. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, these compelling videos spark interest and demonstrate the relevance of science.  The topics tab allows teachers to search by subject area (e.g. physics, earth science) and the series tab lists and provides links to series like the science of various sports and other student interests. 

Spark 101 provides video clips that expose students to scientists using scientific knowledge to solve problems.

NSTA blog entry about making science relevant.

Article on making science relevant: Eick, C., Deutsch, B., Fuller, J., & Scott, F. (2008). Making science relevant. The Science Teacher, 75(4).

Online materials at Ted.com connecting your content to relevance: search by tags for science you teach.

Online chemistry community – ACS Network - follow the “high school” link on the left for examples of connecting science lessons with real life.

Biology-related articles with practical connections to real life from American Biology Teacher.

Online mini-magazine that connects physics experiments with real world occurrences of the same phenomena.

American Physical Society’s website has many interactive and practical resources to use in the classroom.

A Weekly Review Activity that helps students reflect on and connect classroom activities to their lives.