Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



4. Videos

Links to videos about concepts and strategies described in this chapter are found on this page. To learn more about the scientists and teachers featured in these videos, click here where you can read a description and/or select a link to find all video clips of them.


Regina shares how she overcame doubts about entering the physics field that were caused by an older male professor who told her women should not do physics.

Georgia talks about how her teacher’s belief in her enlisted parental support for a science career and gave her confidence in her chosen field.

Laura discusses the benefits of her science teacher's habit of holding boys and girls to equally high standards in the classroom.

Teachers and Classrooms

Greg fosters intrinsic motivation and engagement by embedding the vermaculture project in the curriculum throughout the school year to meet various learning standards.

Kelda believes strongly that engaging parents has a huge pay off and consequently communicates with them in a way that promotes student learning.

Mike thinks that schools need parents as academic boosters so he involves them in what students are learning.

When parents are engaged in actual learning activities they have the opportunity to understand and appreciate their children’s teachers.

Introduction Resources

1. Motivation for Science

2. Broadening Participation in Science

3. Parent Involvement in Science

4. Videos for Introduction