Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



2. Practices that Promote Mastery Orientation

 Students who are mastery oriented focus on effort, use appropriate learning strategies, make choices that are challenging and engaging, and develop a positive orientation toward learning. As a teacher, you can influence whether students adopt a mastery orientation in your classroom by the instructional practices you use. Remember that changing the classroom goal structure may not help some students who lack certain skills such as learning strategies. Therefore, the first step to creating a mastery goal oriented classroom is to teach them necessary learning strategies. Once students learn those skills, and you begin to use the motivational practices described on the attached handout, Guide for Creating Mastery Oriented Classrooms, students should begin to adopt adaptive motivational patterns.

Goal Orientation Resources

1. Goal Orientation Awareness

2. Practices that Promote Mastery Orientation

3. Resources for Parents

4. Additional Reading

5. Videos for Goal Orientation