Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



8. Videos

Links to videos about concepts and strategies described in this chapter are found on this page. To learn more about the scientists and teachers featured in these videos, click here where you can read a description and/or select a link to find all video clips of them.

Teachers and Classrooms

Kris helps her students deal with test anxiety.

Students have some jitters before stepping into a teaching role but end up enjoying it. 

Steve stresses the importance of having fun in the classroom, for the sake of both the teacher and the students.

Matt shows how addressing fear of something like fire can help make students comfortable enough to reduce anxiety.

Girls in Greg's class sometimes start out a little squeamish about the worms. He provides a safe environment for the students to overcome any initial hesitation and engages them in "saving the babies." In response, students become committed to learning the science needed for providing an environment in which the worm cocoons hatch and subsequently flourish.

Mike uses a silly song to help students and their parents remember different kinds of oak trees and to laugh and have fun while they are learning.