Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



5. Videos

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Regina discusses how specific content in her physics class captivated her interest and how her teacher’s faith in her made her confident enough to pursue science as a career.

Dionne talks about how her teachers' belief in her boosted her confidence and made her recognize her competence as a female scientist.

Dionne shares how her mother's support kept her going and made her a confident scientist.

Sheri talks about how teacher and parent support and encouragement gave her confidence to pursue science.

Laura shares how a friend's mother who is a scientist influenced her interest in science and inspired her to become a scientist herself.

Laura talks about her college professor's initiative to bring diverse groups of female college science students into middle schools as role models.

Georgia talks about how, as a girl in math and science she often lacked confidence, even though her performance suggested she was highly competent.

Georgia talks about how her teacher’s belief in her enlisted parental support for a science career and gave her confidence in her chosen field.

Angela discusses how persuasion from her teachers helped her feel more confident about her abilities in science.

Angela talks about how her parents encouraged her to seek information about her areas of interest in science and how their engagement supported her.

Angela talks about how she learned goal setting and the value of hard work from her most influential role models – her parents.

Teachers and Classrooms

Kris uses preparation to decrease test anxiety and instills confidence in her students that they are ready.

Confidence Resources

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