Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



1. Finding Role Models 

Archimedes Institute article on having students serve as role models to inspire science fair participation and success. Includes a guide to the Archimedes Institute website. 

Articles about people engaged in real research that can be inspirational both in the classroom and for parents and students outside of school.

Tutorial on how to find role models (requires registration).

Contact your local chapter of the Association for Women in Science.

Resource lists of female scientists, African-American scientists, and Hispanic scientists from Wikipedia.

Video clips of role models:

  • Video clips of real scientists in various science fields. Can be used by teachers to spark ideas or posted as web link that parents and students can use outside of school.
  • Female scientists in many science fields (choose science field in right hand column). 
  • Female role model career videos of “everyday women” from YouTube.
  • Spark 101 provides video clips that introduce students to science careers.