Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



7. Videos

Links to videos about concepts and strategies described in this chapter are found on this page. To learn more about the scientists and teachers featured in these videos, click here where you can read a description and/or select a link to find all video clips of them.


Regina talks about the importance of challenge for instilling a sense of accomplishment.

Sheri stresses the importance of viewing mistakes as learning opportunities in science

Laura talks about how positive challenge in a class sparked interest and engagement.

Georgia discusses the value of challenge for success in computer science.

Teachers and Classrooms

Mike believes that challenges are opportunities and his students attest to the fact that his class is demanding which has led them to learn more and be more interested than they are in other classes.

The reflective experiences that Mike provides for his students in natural settings allow for differentiation, deepens students’ learning, and challenges them to think.