Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



6. Videos

Links to videos about concepts and strategies described in this chapter are found on this page. To learn more about the scientists and teachers featured in these videos, click here where you can read a description and/or select a link to find all video clips of them.


Laura talks about how her teacher empowered her to intervene when a fellow student was being picked on.

Teachers and Classrooms

A female student in Deb’s class talks about how opportunities to take responsibility and show initiative related to her science class has made learning more meaningful and engaging.

Students work together to meet their teacher's high expectations, demonstrating leadership and responsibility as they instruct younger students in the Mighty Acorns program.

Students feel motivated and accomplished doing a lab using inquiry approach in Ray’s class.

Greg makes his students experts on the worm farms giving them control, choice, and opportunities to inquire. 

Greg’s students use the solar energy, vermacompost, and mini-farms available to them in the classroom to answer their own questions.

Field trips are organized so that Mike’s students take responsibility for teaching each other and their parents about what they are seeing and experiencing.

Meg's students extend their learning by taking responsibility for completing a service learning project in the community.

Meg supports student autonomy during a problem based learning project.