Empowering Teachers to Enhance Adolescents' Motivation for Science



5. Videos

Links to videos about concepts and strategies described in this chapter are found on this page. To learn more about the scientists and teachers featured in these videos, click here where you can read a description and/or select a link to find all video clips of them.


Sheri talks about how positive teacher-student relationships made her want to work hard and how extra support from teachers can be crucial to student success.

Laura talks about how her science teacher inspired her by making connections to his students and showing great enthusiasm for science.

Teachers and Classrooms

Kris prepares students for test by promoting positive relationships.

Students talk about how Kris's care and expectations for them make them want to work hard.

Kris emphasizes the importance of studying together and how this benefits learning.

Students talk about a teacher who cares about her students and provides instrumental support inspire them to learn.

Ray and his students talk about how collaboration boosts positive learning experiences.

Ray provides reassurance, feedback, and instrumental support to promote deeper learning during inquiry projects.

Ray demonstrates and his students evince benefits of building strong relationships in the classroom.

Steve talks about how using the jigsaw model of cooperative learning focuses students on the learning process and lets them become experts within the group.

By sharing a personal story, Matt connects with students and shows them that even difficult goals can be reached.

Students work in cooperative groups as they conduct research and do experiments during a problem based learning project.