NIU Esports Lounge Policies

When you play in our Esports Lounge, whether casually or in a tournament, you must abide by our NIU Esports code of conduct and lounge policies. 

NIU Esports Code of Conduct

We welcome gamers of all abilities, skill level, identities and backgrounds. By using this lounge, you agree to the following code of conduct:

  • Online or in-person harassment based on any aspect of a person’s identity will not be tolerated.
  • No toxicity allowed. That includes but is not limited to extreme profanity, bullying, threats of violence, stalking or intimidation.
  • No cheating, betting or illegal activity allowed.

NIU Esports Lounge Policies

  • Upon entering, gamers must check in with the attendant.
  • Treat our equipment with respect.
  • Food and open drink containers not permitted near the computers or on desks.
  • Do not plug in personal gear, peripherals or USB devices without checking in with the lounge attendant.
  • Personal gear must not show discriminatory or profane decals.
  • You may not install your own software on our computers.
  • You must sign into your own gaming accounts (Epic, Steam,, etc.) on our computers, but you can only play games that are approved and installed on the computers. Ask the attendant for help installing or updating games.
  • Most games require your own license or account to play.
  • NIU is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items left in the arena.

Equipment Checkout Policy

Consoles and peripherals may be checked out to play in the Esports Lounge with your photo ID. We'll hold your ID until your borrowed equipment is returned. Equipment must stay in the Esports Lounge.


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