How NIU Faculty and Staff Can Get Involved

NIU Esports provides you with research and networking opportunities while you help NIU Esports change the game.

Join Our Community On Discord

Everyone is invited to join the NIU Esports Discord. Introduce yourself, make new friends, and play your favorite games or learn new ones in our daily online pick-up games.

Create Research Opportunities

Esports is an interdisciplinary program. As you study fields like ergonomics, sports management, sports and exercise psychology, programming, broadcasting and marketing, you can expand your research possibilities and contribute to new fields of knowledge. This is a growing program with possibilities to collect innovative data to meet your research agenda.

Connect With Colleagues In The Esports Network

Esports is an official part of the NIU Public Engagement Network as it engages instructors, researchers, students and the community with the fun of gaming and the formal challenges of academia and competition. Collaborate colleagues, industry experts and with middle and high school teachers from across the region to collaborate on research and academic projects, expand connections, grow NIU’s reputation as an Esports thought leader in our region and establish a pipeline of students willing to learn to game and game to learn.

Collaborate With Students Who Have Unique Skill Sets

The students of NIU Esports are promising young scholars interested a variety of academic fields. You’ll have the chance to connect with aspiring programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs and researchers who are potential collaborators in research and artistry.

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