Center for Biodiversity, Ecosystem, and Environmental Restoration

The Center for Biodiversity, Ecosystem, and Environmental Restoration focuses on the main drivers of biodiversity loss and the underlying causes of ecosystem damage (habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, overexploitation, and climate change) as well as their consequences (changes in demography, habitat use, and nutritional/physiological health) and uses them as a lens through which to study how coupled human and natural systems respond to restoration efforts.

Broad Research Topics

  • underlying geographic patterns
  • geologic substrates
  • responses by individuals, populations, and communities of organisms from microbes to top carnivores
  • social constructs/human conceptions of restoration
  • environmental economic principles to justify or prioritize management actions
  • policy implications of current practice/laws and what might be needed to meet future restoration targets
  • ethical considerations.

NIU Faculty

  • Nicholas Barber (insects) BIOS
  • Philip Carpenter (sinkholes) GEOL
  • Holly Jones (mammals) BIOS/ESE
  • Michael Konen (soil) GEOG
  • Richard King (reptiles) BIOS
  • Melissa Lenczewski (water quality) GEOL/ESE
  • Wesley Swingley (soil microbiota) BIOS
  • Mitch Irwin (ANTH)

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