USOAR Proposal

Healthcare Facilities Provided for HIV and AIDS Patients in Kenya

Project Overview

I am a twenty-two-year-old student at Northern Illinois University and I am looking for the opportunity to enhance my academic career with studies abroad. I am applying for a HIV and AIDS study in Kenya. While in Kenya, I would like to visit the refugee camps and see the conditions under which HIV and AIDS victims are being treated. My focus would be primarily on women and children that have contracted HIV and AIDS. By doing this research project, I will better understand how they contracted the diseases, and how the health facilities of the refugee camp are equipped to handle their medical problems and rehabilitation needs.

This research would be important by making the public aware of the violations of the human rights of HIV and AIDS patients. This research will also deal with the issue of contracted diseases that many governments and the international community seemingly ignore. In addition, the study will examine standard health care policies. Considering these circumstances, do Kenya' s current medical facilities incorporate rehabilitation procedures? If not, how do they meet the needs of women and children? What are the current international standards? And are the facilities in Kenya compliant with these international medical standards? If not, how are the personnel going to implement safety procedures and measures in the private and public sectors?

Project Description

The purpose of this study is to observe public and private hospital conditions under which women and children with HIV and AIDS are being treated. Is there enough medical staff, such as doctors, nurses, technicians, and physical therapists in the hospital? How are the public and private hospitals funded? What are the sanitary conditions of these hospitals, and do the hospitals meet regulation guidelines? Do they have facilities to house their medical records? And how is their patient confidentiality maintained? The project will be conducted on a very short and limited timetable. I do understand that this is a big project and that I will not be able to get all the answers in the four weeks that I will be in Kenya. I plan to read research articles, before I go to Kenya, concerning the conditions of the refugee camp(s), and the current medical facilities available. With interpreters, I would like to interview a variety of women about their experiences in and outside the camp, and discuss medical conditions with medical personnel. I would like to observe the sanitation standards, the health care providers and medical facilities available.

This project will enhance my academic career by allowing me to become more aware of different cultural backgrounds and how prevalent diseases are treated in Third World countries. My educational studies have enabled me to understand the clinical aspects of the medical field. I am currently taking anatomy and physiology, which will help me understand the methodology of the diseases. I have had experience in American hospitals as a patient. I have also had tours of the Rockford hospital facilities that confirmed my desire to become a part of the health care profession. To prepare for the project, I will do reading on hospital procedures, protocol, and the health standards set by international regulations. I also plan to read about the cultural, political, and economic aspects of Kenya. However, only by observing and researching in Kenya, will I have a better understanding of what women and children in Third World country hospital settings face.

Proposed Budget

Travel expenses (round trip) $1400