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Campus Partners

Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-

The Office of Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion helps NIU’s diverse student population succeed in their educational goals, find supportive communities and graduate with the skills and experience needed to coexist with people from all backgrounds. HSS participants will explore concepts of understanding self and others. Explore differences and various social justice issues that impact how as a society we interact with one another, systems, and institutions. Understanding these concepts prepares individuals to develop as global citizens and change agents.

  • Marketing office events
  • CODE Workshops
  • Diversity Dialogues
  • Presentations on diversity and social justice


Center for Latino and Latin American Studies-

The Center for Latino and Latin American Studies (CLLAS) is an interdisciplinary research and teaching unit that offers academic programs for students, faculty, and the community, designed to broaden our knowledge of Latin American civilization and the history of Latinos in the United States. HSS participants will develop their leadership skills and acclimate to the university environment with the guidance of the CLLAS.

  • NIU Admissions events: Open houses, admitted student days, TGIFs
  • Area Studies Open House
  • Latin Chill
  • Updating scholarships guides for the center
  • Student Panels


Latino Resource Center-

The Latino Resource Center (LRC) is a diversity center under the Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Northern Illinois University designed to serve the Latino/a population. Their mission is to promote a social justice agenda, as well as foster an inclusive environment where we seek to recruit, retain, empower and advance Latino/a students at NIU. HSS Participants will become familiar with the resources and services offered by the LRC such as mentoring and leadership programs, peer support group, and academic advancement programs.

  • Latin Chill
  • Latino Heritage Month
  • Diversity Reverse Career Fair
  • Student Panels
  • Tabling for NIU Admission Open Houses/ transfer events/ special tour requests


Parent University-

Parent University is a program that aims to increase parents’ personal, professional and leadership development to support and encourage their students’ academic success and transition to post-secondary education. HSS participants will receive CATCH and 4-H training to add very specific skills to their general academic tool box. Regardless of students' career path, they will develop/strengthen public speaking skills when working with the children and parents. They will have the opportunity to facilitate computer literacy lessons for parents to feel comfortable in various social media platforms.

  • Facilitate Parent University Sessions
  • Develop and implement activities for children
  • Interact with youth
  • Develop community resource documents


STEM Outreach-

NIU STEM Outreach increases STEM literacy and interest for K-12 students, families, and educators. STEM Outreach delivers off-campus programs and on-campus activities to increase science, technology, engineering, and mathematics literacy and enthusiasm among P-12 students, their families, and educators. HSS participants with the help of STEM Outreach will find career connections for high school students and learn about how they can apply their major to careers they might not have originally thought of.

  • STEM Fest
  • STEM Saturdays
  • STEM Exploration Labs
  • Build your own


Student Involvement and Leadership Development-

Student Involvement and Leadership Development (SILD) is dedicated to engaging students, and the university community in campus life through intentional programs, and resources that facilitate holistic development. Depending on the students’ interests and/or major, SILD will work with them to connect their service hours to their academic interests and passion areas. HSS participants for this center will likely get a majority of their service hours from the Huskie Food Pantry. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about food insecurities and the impact that can have on students and families in the DeKalb area.

  • Huskie Food Pantry
  • NIU Cares Day
  • Hunger & Homelessness Awareness week
  • Any SILD ongoing volunteer opportunities