Future Actions

After the first month, your new employee will feel more at home in your department and on campus. You can help support them in the coming months and years as they strive to learn and grow as an individual and as part of the NIU team.

Future Tasks

Your new employee’s learning process extends well after their first month. The following tasks will help you keep your employee on the right track as they take on more responsibilities.


  • Ask for your employee’s feedback on the orientation process.
  • Conduct a provisional employment evaluation review before the end of the three-month probation period. If you have performance concerns, report them to your employment coordinator at Human Resource Services.
  • Continue to check in with your new employee at least once a week and encourage them to share any concerns or frustrations.


  • Conduct a formal check-in meeting with employee.

Check-in Meeting with Employee

After you feel your new employee has had enough time to formulate opinions, questions and concerns, schedule a check-in meeting with them. These meetings are designed to quickly address employee issues soon after they arise. If left to go on too long without intervention, issues can become difficult to resolve. Human Resource Services can be your partner in resolving these issues.

Discussion topics include:

  • If your employee adequately understands their role.
  • If this is the job they expected, and if not, what can be done to improve the situation.
  • Ideas they have to improve your department or the university.
  • If they are having trouble fitting in or having difficulty with another employee or department, and if so, what can be done to improve the situation.
  • If they see a career path for the future, and how you can help make it materialize.

Employee Photograph

Institutional Communications offers free, professional headshots to all faculty and staff at NIU Career Fairs five times annually. Upcoming photobooth events are posted on the Photography and Videography site, no appointment is necessary for headshots.

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