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Protecting the Pack Updates


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NIU’s 125th Anniversary

Protecting the Pack Updates

New Guidance on Face Masks

The Protecting the Pack site have been updated to reflect recent research that shows that bandanas and gaiter masks—made of thin, stretch tubes of fabric down the neck— do not effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19, and therefore are no longer acceptable face-coverings to use while on campus.

No food or beverages allowed in NIU classrooms

Students are not permitted to bring food and drinks into NIU classrooms due to updated public health guidance. Please plan ahead and eat or drink prior to attending in-person classes.

Wednesday, Aug. 26: Outdoor Adventures: Welcome Back – Live Open House
Wednesday, Aug. 26: Outdoor Adventures: Weekly Wednesday Hourly Lagoon Boat Rentals
Wednesday, Aug. 26: Race and the Law Conversations: Understanding Issues of Police Accountability and Reform
Wednesday, Aug. 26: Womanist Wednesdays
Thursday, Aug. 27: NNGO Fall 2020 Welcome Back Event!
Thursday, Aug. 27: How to Avoid Plagiarism
Friday, Aug. 28: Funding Feminism: Monied Women, Philanthropy, and the Women's Movement 1870-1967
Sunday, Aug. 30: Outdoor Adventures: Bike the Local Trails

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Huskie Spotlight
Peytonn Weaver
I am majoring in Elementary Education with an emphasis in English as a second language (ESL). I chose this area for many different reasons — the largest reason being that teachers literally change the world every single day. Without teachers, we would not have the doctors, lawyers, firefighters, etc. that we have today.

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Weekly Wellness Tip
Exercise your way to success

How can you set yourself up for a successful school year? With EXERCISE! Learn more about how exercise can upgrade your life and  practical ways to integrate fitness into your daily routine. Be sure to join RecWell’s Virtual Group Fitness FREE week (Aug. 24-28).

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All clear? Huskies encouraged to screen for COVID-19 with special app
If you’re coming to campus at NIU this fall, be sure you’re #CampusClear.

As part of NIU’s Protecting the Pack plan for Fall 2020, students and employees on campus are asked to self-monitor by submitting daily wellness checks for COVID-19 through a special app. Developed by and Creighton University, #CampusClear is a one-question daily self-survey that takes 10 seconds to complete.

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110% Huskie Pride promotion

NIU students with a current valid ID will receive 10% off at many local dining and retail businesses through Sept. 19, 2020. View a list of local businesses that are offering discounts and get out there and explore DeKalb!

Complete a survey on your well-being during COVID-19 for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card

A research team of faculty and students from the Department of Counseling and Higher Education is interested in learning more about your well-being during the coronavirus pandemic. Please complete a short, 10-minute survey to share with us how the pandemic has affected your well-being.

Students who complete the survey will be entered into a raffle for a $50 Visa gift card.

We will be sending a second survey in mid-October to see how your well-being has changed, if at all, over the past few months. We hope that you will consider participating in that second survey as well. Students will also be able to indicate interest in participating in follow-up interviews as part of the follow-up survey. Please keep your eyes open for another email invitation to a survey later this semester.

If you have any questions about this research study at any time, feel free to contact the principal investigator, Professor Gudrun Nyunt at or by telephone at 240-506-2470. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


Sunday, Aug. 30: Last day for undergraduates to add or course drop a first-half-semester or full-semester course(s) via self-service in MyNIU. (Fall 2020)
Friday, Sept. 4:
The Student Health Insurance Online Enrollment and Waiver period deadline Key Moment
America’s most enduring institutions are those created to meet specific needs and allowed to evolve as those needs change. Such is the story of Northern Illinois University, which this year celebrates its 125th anniversary.


Huskie Bus Line transportation system is born (1971)
The rapid growth of the NIU campus in the 1960s significantly expanded the university’s physical size and shape. There were now more than 40 buildings sprawled across 417 acres with nine miles of streets and 13 miles of sidewalks. Three cars were registered for every available parking spot (15,108 vehicles registered and 4,778 parking spaces). Learn more about the Huskie Bus Line.

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