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Paul and Elizabeth Kling Expendable Scholarship Fund


Named Expendable Scholarship Guidelines

This Agreement is made by and between Paul M. and Elizabeth M. Kling (hereinafter "Donors") and the Northern Illinois University Foundation (hereinafter "Foundation"). As of this date, the Foundation has received gifts totaling $6,000.00 for use in establishing a named, expendable fund (hereinafter "Fund").

This Fund will be known as the:

Paul and Elizabeth Kling Expendable Scholarship Fund

It is established by the Donors to provide scholarship support for two secondary education students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Northern Illinois University.


Paul and Elizabeth were inspired to give because they place a strong value on education and believe it is a key element to succeeding in life. They have had many people show kindness towards them in their lives, and feel that it is important to give back and invest in others.

Paul and Elizabeth decided to create a scholarship at NIU because Paul is an alumnus of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. The field of education was chosen for this scholarship because they have seen from their own experiences that teachers can have a profound impact. The Donors are convinced teachers are instrumental in shaping lives and ultimately the future.

As Paul and Elizabeth have seen children today faced with so many tough decisions, they decided to invest in educating our future teachers who will affect the lives of countless children. They believe that if they can help just one child choose a better path through the influence of a teacher, they are helping to create a better nation.

Scholarship Criteria and Selection

To the fullest extent allowable under current applicable law, the process and preferred criteria for the selection of scholarship recipients are as follows:

  1. The preferred candidate:
    1. must be a full-time, degree- or certificate-seeking, junior- or senior-level student in secondary education in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, planning on a career in teaching, and
    2. must be in good academic standing with Northern Illinois University (hereinafter "University") and have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher, and
    3. must demonstrate financial need.
  2. Preference may be given to students studying to teach math and/or science.
  3. Two scholarships may be given in a single year in the amount of $3,000.00 each. It is preferred that one $3,000.00 scholarship be awarded to a student studying to teach math and one $3,000 scholarship be awarded to a student studying to teach science.
  4. All scholarships awarded will be for one academic year.
  5. The selection of recipient(s) will be made under the guidance of the dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences utilizing an appropriate committee approved by the dean.
  6. In the event a recipient, prior to receiving the scholarship funds, withdraws from the University or is no longer qualified under the criteria outlined in this Agreement, the funds allocated for the scholarship may be granted to another qualified student.

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Photo of Paul Fix

Paul Fix, Asst. Director
Secondary Science Educator Licensure
326 Faraday
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 753-6819