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Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics is a method of fitting a work area to the worker. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of strain put on a body just by using the work area to maximize productive work. This is done by first analyzing the work process then adjusting the work area or station to the proper heights or angles to accomplish the necessary tasks.

Workers whose workstations are poorly matched to them can suffer a wide array of discomforts or even injury depending on the task and physical arrangement of the work area. Neck, back and shoulder strain, visual difficulties, headache, hand, arm, wrist, ankle and foot pain are some potential indicators of a work area in need of ergonomic adjustment. If you find you are experiencing some of these difficulties, discuss it with your supervisor and contact Scott Mooberry (815-753-6250) at the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.

Ergonomics Questionnaire 2015