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Environmental Health and Safety

Aerial Lifts

Aerial lift equipment is commonly used to lift University employees to work at an elevated position. Proper operation of aerial lifts can make construction, repair, inspection or athletic event work at elevation safer and more efficient.

Types of lifts are:

  • Telescoping, such as scissor lifts and vertical man-lifts. The only direction the platform or personnel basket goes is up or down. This type is generally used indoors, but some may be used outdoors such as for athletic events.
  • Articulating.The platform or basket moves up, down and sideways. There may be one or more hinged sections. This type is generally used outdoors but occasionally indoors in large auditoriums.
  • Vehicle-Mounted or Boom-lift Trucks, where the boom and basket are mounted on a vehicle. They sometimes have hinged boom sections and some booms may be insulated against electrical hazards. This type of lift is used outdoors for painting, street or field lighting work, mounting banners, etc.

Aerial lift operators must receive classroom and hands-on training to receive certification. They also must be familiar with the type of aerial lift they will be using. Certified training is required so to provide a safe working environment for Northern Illinois University employees, contractors, visitors and bystanders, and to comply with OSHA standards. This training covers operation, inspection and maintenance requirements for the safe use of aerial lifts at the University and familiarization with specific types of aerial lifts.