HLC Criteria Groups

Criteria I - Mission

  • Bill Goldenberg (College of Visual and Performing Arts)
  • Doris MacDonald (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)*
  • Michelle Bringas (Asian American Resource Center)
  • Monique Bernoudy (Office of Diversity and Equity Inclusion)*
  • Ralph Wheeler (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  • Rena Cotsones (Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development)

Criteria II - Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

  • Donnie Forti (Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications)
  • Kelly Wesener Michael (Student Affairs)
  • Linda Saborio (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  • Matt Streb (President’s Office)*
  • Sarah Klaper (Ombudsperson)
  • Therese Arado (College of Law)*
  • Ximena Burgen (Research and Innovation Partnerships)

Criteria III - Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support

  • Brandon Lagana (Career Services)*
  • David Ballantine (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  • Ed Klonoski (General Education Committee)
  • Kelly Smith (First-Year Experience)
  • Renique Kersh (Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning)*
  • Sarah Marsh (College of Business)
  • Stephanie Richter (Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center)
  • Shevawn Eaton (ACCESS Tutoring and Support Services)
  • Steven Howell (College of Education)
  • Sarah McHone Chase

Criteria IV - Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

  • Amy Buhrow (College of Business)*
  • Amy Franklin (Student Affairs)
  • Evelyn Comber (Student Affairs)
  • Jason Rhode (Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center)*
  • Jeanette Rossetti (College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Omar Ghrayeb (AA)
  • Tawanda Gipson (Accreditation, Assessment and Evaluation)
  • Tony Guzzaldo (Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning)

Criteria V - Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

  • Gina Nicolosi (College of Business)
  • Lora Oberg (Administration and Finance)
  • Mark Riley (College of Business)
  • Michelle Pickett (Academic Advising Services)*
  • Raul Garcia (Administration and Finance)
  • Rebecca Babel (Financial Aid)
  • Christina Atherton (Human Resource Services)*
  • Shyree Sanan (Controller)

*Indicates group co-chairs