Course Activity Documentation (CAD)


Course Activity Documentation reporting has been placed on hiatus for the Fall 2019 semester. Faculty/Instructional staff do not need to complete the course activity reporting for any course sections for Fall 2019.


Course Activity Documentation (CAD) module was developed as a collaborative innovation between members of the Office of the Provost and staff in Registration and Records, Information Technology and PeopleSoft Campus Security to meet the revised federal and state mandates requiring all academic institutions to collect data related to the enrolled credit hour definition.

The CAD process requires all faculty and instructional staff who teach a course section to input course section documentation that covers:

  • The in/out of class minutes.
  • Planned activity codes (i.e. activities used in teaching the course, such as lectures, discussion, presentations).
  • Corresponding percentages for each activity relative to the total in/out of class minutes.
  • An upload of the current syllabus for the course section being taught.

Data has been collected from the 46 academic units and seven colleges, including 1,485 distinct faculty/instructional staff across a total of approximately 6,740 distinct course sections. The CAD module allows us to capture auditable data regarding course sections taught and reciprocate data back to the academic units, where the course activity data may be leveraged for curricular and pedagogical review and improvements. Submission rates each semester have been consistently above 96 percent.