School Safety Tutorial for Pre-Service Teachers


Illinois law requires all state universities to include safety education for teachers and other education professionals.You may fulfill the requirement by using the web-based module. We recommend using a PC and opening Internet Explorer web browser. Please allow about 45-60 minutes to complete the tutorial. Please review the frequently asked questions below before starting the module.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be required to take the School Safety for Pre-Service Teachers Module?

All Northern Illinois University students in programs that result in an initial teaching license.

When will students complete the tutorial?

This will be left up to the individual programs to determine. Programs will be in charge of informing their students of the tutorial requirement and of confirming that each student has completed the tutorial prior to recommending the student for licensure or during graduation check.

What score on the tutorial is considered passing?

There is no “passing” score. The tutorial has been designed so that a student must give the correct answer to the questions at the end of each section of the tutorial in order to move on to the next section. Thus, completion of the tutorial indicates a satisfactory level of familiarity with the tutorial material.

How will I know when my students have completed the tutorial?

When the student successfully completes the tutorial an e-mail will be sent to both the student and to the University Office of Teacher Certification. Programs may require that students print and submit the e-mail as verification of completion or they can check the student’s records in MyNIU for a positive service indicator noting that the student has completed the safety tutorial.

How long will the tutorial take to complete?

Approximately one hour, although students can log off and return to the same portion of the tutorial they left off at if they are unable to complete the tutorial in one sitting.

What should I do if my students have questions about the tutorial??

Please feel free to take the tutorial yourself so that you can best answer student questions about what to expect from the tutorial experience.

When you enter the tutorial please use your name and NIU address. For the required Student ID please enter eight zeros : 00000000