Tips for Success

  1. Secure a copy of your Discipline Handbook, Understanding Rubric Level Progressions and Making Good Choices document as soon as you are accepted to your teacher licensure program and familiarize yourself with the edTPA expectations by reading through the documents.
  2. Take copious notes in your courses at NIU and save any and all materials that may help you meet the edTPA expectations.
  3. If your schedule permits, take an analytical writing class. Students that can think critically and communicate effectively will be better equipped to answer prompts.
  4. Once you have been placed in the school where you will student teach, communicate with your cooperating teacher regarding the edTPA expectations.
  5. Get to know the students in your classroom ASAP. Learn about their personal and cultural assets and the community in which they live.
  6. Send out video permission forms to families ASAP. Practice videotaping your lessons early and often. When completing the learning segment for the edTPA videotape every lesson. Be sure the video shows interactions between students.
  7. Before you start to plan your 3-5 day learning segment review the expectations for ALL 3 tasks and plan with those expectations in mind. Be sure to select a learning segment that will allow you to clearly meet the specific focus for your discipline. (Page 1 edTPA Handbook, Overview of the Assessment)
  8. Set strict deadlines for each task. Be sure to complete the commentary for Task 2 within 48 hours of video taping. Complete Task 3 within 1-2 weeks of completing Task 2.
  9. Put aside some time every week to work on the edTPA. Whether it is an hour each night or a couple of hours every weekend it will most likely help to relive stress and improve results.
  10. Familiarize yourself with the Pearson website. Take advantage of the online training. Do not wait for the deadline to upload your materials to Pearson. Follow your programs suggestions on when to submit. Review all documents and watch all video segments from beginning to end after uploading to Pearson and before you submit for scoring.

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