Toolbar Items

Add Media Ctrl+M

Capture Video Ctrl+I

Add blank clipCtrl+T

Narrate Ctrl+Alt+E

Add or Edit Subtitles Ctrl+Alt+L

Play full screen preview Ctrl+U

Save movie Ctrl+B

Open options dialog Ctrl+Alt+O

General Shortcuts

Undo your last action Ctrl+Z

Redo your last action Ctrl+Y

Cancel current operation Esc

Create new project Ctrl+N

Open existing project Ctrl+O

Save project Ctrl+S

Save project as Ctrl+Shift+S

Exit VideoPad Alt+F4

Open Help F1

Sequence Preview

Play preview Space

Move one pixel to the left Ctrl+Left

Move one pixel to the right Ctrl+Right

Move cursor to start Home

Move cursor to end End

Change timeline position Shift+G

Save current frame as an image F12


Toggle sequence style Ctrl+Shift+Y

Go to previous clip Left

Go to next clip Right

Add previous clip to selection Shift+Left

Add next clip to selection Shift+Right

Select from cursor position to start Shift+Home

Select from cursor position to end Shift+End

Select all Ctrl+A

Reset selection Ctrl+R

Remove selected items Delete

Duplicate clip(s) Ctrl+D

Slice clip into two clips L

Move selection to the left Ctrl+Shift+Left

Move selection to the right Ctrl+Shift+Right

Zoom in +

Zoom out -

Reset zoom *

Sound Sequence

Go to next clip S

Go to previous clip Shift+S

Reset selection Ctrl+R

Move selected clip left Ctrl+Shift+Left

Move selected clip right Ctrl+Shift+Right

Move selected clip down a track Ctrl+Shift+Down

Move selected clip up a track Ctrl+Shift+Up

Move selected clip to specific track Ctrl+Shift+T

Slice sound clip into two clips Ctrl+L

Display next track Page Down

Display previous track Page Up

Tab-Specific shortcuts

Change to Media List tab Ctrl+1
See Media List tab shortcut keys

Change to Effects tab Ctrl+2
See Effects tab shortcut keys

Change to Transitions tab Ctrl+3
See Transitions tab shortcut keys

Change to Overlay tab Ctrl+4
See Overlay tab shortcut keys