Here you can adjust additional settings of Videopad.

Select an action you want to perform when sound clips overlap.

Select a way you want to use to add new video clips to the sequence.

Choose if you want to show the video quality settings dialog when converting and stabilizing video files.

Choose if you want the video to be smooth when a speed change effect is applied.

Check the 'Automatically normalize audio volume' box if you want to adjust audio volume to an optimal level automatically.

To make changes to disc burning process you can adjust settings in "Burning" group.

Select external applications you want to use to edit different types of files. Leave any field blank in you want to use default editor. To edit a file in external editor right click a clip in the footage panel and select "Edit in external editor..." For more information on how to use external editors, see Editing in an External Editor

If you will be importing Stereo (3D) Video, you can choose the stereo format that will be used here.