You can record your own narrations to add to your video project. To record a narration, click the "Narrate" button on the toolbar to open the Narration dialog.

Preparing to Record

The Narration dialog includes a preview and timeline for your main project. To prepare to record a narration, first select the Sound In source. Give your narration a name and select the location on your computer where you would like to save your recording. You are now ready to begin recording.

Recording a Narration

To begin to record a narration, first navigate using the preview timeline to the place where you would like to begin narrating. Once you are happy with the location, click the Record button and begin talking. Once you have finished narrating, click the Stop button. Your narration will be automatically added to your Sequence in the exact location that you chose to begin narrating. If you would like to narrate in various different places in your project, you can repeat the process or Record/Stop as many times as you like.

Re-recording a Narration

If you wish to redo the narration, just close the Narration dialog and delete the previous recording from the Sequence. Then click the "Narrate" button on the toolbar and go through the recording process again.