Media List:

Change to Media List tab Ctrl+1

Select next item in the media list M

Select previous item in the media list Shift+M

Select all Ctrl+A

Reset selection Ctrl+R

Remove selected items Delete

Clip window (All files):

Add selected clip in media list area to Sequence Ctrl+E

Clip window (Video or Sound file):

Play preview Ctrl+Space

Move cursor to start Ctrl+Home

Move cursor to end Ctrl+End

Set cursor position Ctrl+G

Set IN point Ctrl+,

Set Out point Ctrl+.

Save as new clip Ctrl+Alt+S

Zoom in Ctrl+'+'

Zoom out Ctrl+'-'

Clip window (Video file):

Show / hide previous and next frames Ctrl+Alt+F

Go to previous frame Ctrl+LEFTBRACKET

Go to next frame Ctrl+RIGHTBRACKET

Clip window (Sound file):

Step back Ctrl+LEFTBRACKET

Step forward Ctrl+RIGHTBRACKET

Clip Window (Image file):

Decrease duration Ctrl+,

Increase duration Ctrl+.

Set duration Ctrl+G

Apply duration changes Enter