1. When do I complete the edTPA?

You will complete your edTPA during your student teaching experience.

2. What score do I have to earn in order to get my teaching license in Illinois?

2018-2019 the passing score in the state of Illinois is 39 or above. In 2019-2020 and beyond the passing score in the state of Illinois is 41 or above.

3. How long will it take to get my scores back?

Scores are normally sent to the candidates 3 weeks after submission.

4. The handbooks mention using the "Lesson Plan template" when writing our lesson plans for the edTPA. Does that mean there is a required lesson plan format that we have to follow when writing our lesson plans?

The "Lesson Plan Template" referred to in the handbooks is more like a writable form that you will paste your lesson plans and other instructional materials in. The edTPA has no required lesson plan formats; however, your program may require you to use a specific lesson plan format for this assessment.

5. Do I need to leave the guided information and questions in the edTPA templates and begin answering the questions below, or where it says "Start Response Here"?

Yes. Please begin your response AFTER the question/instructions. Be sure to put your answers in between the brackets { }. The questions must be left in the template so the scorers will know what question you are responding to.

6. What do I need to capture in my TPA Video Clips?

Each program area has its own specific requirements for video clip content. Refer to your program’s edTPA Handbook for video specifications.

7. Can students copy and paste their materials into the Live Versions of the TPA handbooks?

No. Candidates submit their materials for each edTPA task in Pearson provided TEMPLATES, not in the Live Handbooks. Most NIU teacher licensure programs will supply you with the templates. You can also find them on the Pearson edTPA website. When visiting the Pearson website and clicking on one of the downloadable ZIP files for the handbooks, both the handbook PDF file and various Microsoft Word template files will come up. The Microsoft Word templates are "fill-able forms" in which students will cut and paste their plans, materials, reflections, etc

8. Do candidates need to submit their edTPAs separately to their professors or can faculty access student TPAs on the Pearson ePortfolio system at any time to grade them?

The Pearson system will allow faculty to go into students’ edTPAs and review/comment on their work, but must be done while students are still working on their Tasks (BEFORE it is submitted for scoring by Pearson). If a faculty member has time to review students’ work on the edTPA before they push the "submit" button, then faculty do not have to ask candidates to submit the edTPA to them separately. Check with your program faculty to make sure you are following their recommendations.

9. What should candidates do with all of the permission forms they receive from their students? Do they need to be collected and filed away?

Faculty should collect and file all original permission forms collected for the edTPA. You should also keep a copy for yourself. Ultimately you are responsible for making sure the video is never shared publically. All students and adults that appear in the video must sign a video permission form.

10. How can faculty verify that a candidate has submitted the edTPA?

Faculty members may contact the associate director edTPA for the NIU University Office of Educator Licensure and Preparation at jboisen@niu.edu. The associate director will be able to confirm dates of registration and submission by candidates.

11. May the cooperating teacher or university supervisor assist the student in the production of the edTPA?

The assistance must be minimal. They cannot tell candidates what to say in their edTPA or edit their writing. They may not suggest specific changes, instead, they should ask good questions.

12. If I teach a co-taught class may the cooperating teacher appear in the video segments?

Yes, however the teacher candidate must take the lead role in planning, instruction and assessment for the learning segment. The candidate must explain the classroom dynamics in the Context for Learning document.

12. May I edit the video?

No. All video segments selected for submission should be continuous with no breaks, additions or deletions.