Clinical Placements for Fall 2020

As we prepare for the fall semester, and as PK-12 schools share their re-opening plans, we recognize that many of you have questions and concerns about your upcoming clinical placements. We understand that you are balancing the demands of home, family, work and school in an unprecedented time of turmoil and change. We are working with our school partners, and in compliance with the CDC Considerations for Schools, to continue to provide authentic and meaningful clinical experiences that support your preparation as a teacher. Our lens for decision making continues to be that your health and wellbeing are our priority.

Accordingly, student-teaching and clinical field experiences at NIU in fall 2020 will take place in the following format:

Student-teaching Experiences

  • These experiences will follow the delivery model of the host district (remote learning, hybrid or face-to-face, with the possibility of changing the delivery mode as necessary).
  • These experiences will be supervised virtually.

Final Clinical Experiences

  • If you are enrolled in the first semester of a “year-long” student-teaching placement, or enrolled in a final clinical experience prior to student-teaching in spring 2021, please contact your program coordinator for specific information regarding these experiences.
  • These experiences will be supervised virtually.

Early Clinical Experiences

  • These will take place in a virtual environment.
  • These experiences will continue to address all state-required standards for licensure and degree.
  • These experiences will be supervised virtually.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of the current situation on your academic progress and preparation as a teacher. Please check your NIU email, Protecting the Pack, and the University Office of Educator Licensure and Preparation website regularly for further updates. We will continue to work closely with our school partners and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and we will communicate any changes as they occur in this dynamic situation.

Additional resources are also available on the ISBE website

We recognize that these are very difficult times to navigate. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the format for your placement, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your program director or contact Jenny Parker at

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