Econ Illinois  
Illinois's premier site for economic education. The site includes links to additional related resources. 

Thinkfinity (Verizon)
Verizon Foundation brings teachers and parents educational resources that are searchable, comprehensive, fun, and also aligned with state standards. 

FDIC Learning Bank  http:/
Students can visit the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Learning Bank where tour guide Carmen Cents explains the basics of the agency.  This site also includes links to other areas of the FDIC.

H.I.P. Pocket Change
This cool and interactive US Mint site teaches kids about the history of coins and the Mint through games and cartoons. Teachers will also find free coin-centric classroom plans covering social studies, language arts, mathematics, and science.

Junior Achievement
An engaging site for students with resources and links to career exploration, money management, financial literacy, and goal setting.

Annuity Terminology Explained
This site provides students and teachers with a quick way to find definitions of complex terms.