Economics Poster Contest


Economics Poster Contest

What is the Economics Poster Contest? The Econ Illinois Economics Poster Contest has been in existence for over 20 years.  Used by teachers of grades 1-8, the contest stimulates students' interest in the fundamentals of our economic system. The program also helps students learn about the economy and have fun doing it, while creatively demonstrating their understanding of the economy.

Students represent in a color drawing one of six basic economic concepts. Teachers submit their entries to a regional contest in which twelve winners are selected along with at least twelve honorable mention entries. Entries are judged on accuracy of concept representation and originality.

An average of 2,500 students per year participated in the program during the most recent five years. These students gained a better understanding of basic economic concepts by depicting them as artwork.

Can you easily teach your young students the important concepts of scarcity or specialization? Of course you can. And you can achieve recognition for your students and your school in your students’ depiction of one of six basic economic concepts. The website provides definitions of the concepts, lesson plans and links to classroom activities for teaching them. You can also review past winners’ drawings for ideas to share with your students.

The top twenty-four entries from each regional contest advance to the state competition from which twelve drawings are selected as state winners.  The twelve winning drawings will be published in a 12-month calendar.

At both the regional and state levels, winning students receive U.S. Savings Bonds and certificates. Teachers also receive recognition. Regional contests may culminate in a reception for students, teachers and family.