Economic Student Association


Mission Statement

To bring together students with an interest in economics to promote economic education, to further economic knowledge, and to build a professional network among current members and alumni.


II.            Executive Positions

A. President

- Responsible for leading monthly meetings and setting agenda

- Coordinates community program with faculty advisor

- Serves on the Executive Board for Center for Economic Education

B. Vice-President

- Election held during September meeting for a one academic year (must be a Junior Standing to run for this office

- Vice president takes over as President during the first meeting of the following academic year, until a new president can be elected

- Responsible for coordinating agenda for monthly meetings with president

C. Secretary

- Elected during the September meetings for a one year term

- Responsible for taking minutes during monthly meetings and maintaining attendance records

- Counts as one community outreach event

D. Undergraduate Outreach Chair

- Elected during the September and January meetings for a one semester term

- Responsible for promoting Association to the lower level Economics courses and social media

- Counts as one community outreach event


III.           Membership Guidelines

- Must attend a minimum of two meetings and one community service event per semester

- Participation in six community service events during total duration of membership makes member eligible for appreciation award the ECONIE!!!

Undergraduate Advising
Office:  Zulauf Hall 515
Phone: 815-753-8413
Tammy Batson
Undergraduate Coordinator
Rachel Martin
Spring 2019 Office Hours:
Batson:  T TH  2:00-3:00
                W  10:00-2:00
Martin:  W F  10:00-12:00