Internships are the best way to connect what you've learned in the classroom to real world job experience. The minimum number of work hours for an internship at NIU is 120 hours. The position you choose should be related to economics and can be taken during the fall, spring, or summer semesters. If you are unable to locate a position for yourself, you may go to the Campus Life Building, Career Services Department for assistance. They will help you locate a position appropriate for your major. These positions may either be paid or unpaid with a salary range from $8.00 to $12.00 an hour.

In order for you to receive three semester hours of Econ credits for your internship, you must first ask for the cooperation of an economics professor in the Department of Economics. After meeting with a professor both of you will sign a form found in Econ office, Zulauf 515. This form serves as an agreement between you and the Department and defines what you want to accomplish plus the requirements of the professor. These requirements might include; economic concepts to be integrated into the position; if you and professor will meet during internship or if your supervisor at work is required to write an evaluation. Be prepared to inform your sponsoring professor of the expected economic concepts you might use while performing you job. Write out your thoughts briefly, one or two paragraphs should be enough. This process will help you identify the possibilities that are presented to you on the job and will also help you discuss these possibilities with your work supervisor.

At the conclusion of the internship you and your professor will determine that you have accomplished your goal and when all paperwork is concluded, a statement will be added to your official NIU transcript saying; "Successfully completed a career related work experience documented by Career Services" and you will be granted a grade and the hours of academic credit agreed upon

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