Retrofit Classroom

  • Desktop Digital Whiteboard/Pen Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Document Camera* (sometimes)
  • Connect your own own laptop to display
  • Camera

Please be aware, this is the equipment setup what you can typically find in this room, but final configuration may differ slightly.

All retrofit rooms support Kaltura Classroom scheduled and ad hoc lecture capture recording sessions. Some retrofit classrooms will also support other lecture capture and streaming options including Teams, Collaborate, and Zoom two-way streaming, and Kaltura Classroom one-way streaming. Check your specific classroom to determine streaming capabilities of your room

Compare Streaming Options for Classroom Lectures

The following workshops, intended for those who will be teaching in a face-to-face classroom this spring, are offered online by the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning.

Introduction to Live Streaming and Lecture Capture
Thursday, December 17, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
If you are teaching a face-to-face or staggered class this fall, you may also need an alternative way for students to view in-person classroom lectures. In this workshop, we will discuss several approaches you might consider, including lecture capture (one-way asynchronous streaming), one-way live streaming (synchronous), and two-way live streaming (synchronous). We’ll also provide an overview of the technology that the Division of IT has been adding to classrooms across campus. View Workshop Recording

Teaching Face-to-Face with Physical Distancing and Remote Students
Tuesday, December 15, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Teaching face-to-face courses this fall may require new tools and techniques. How do students work together while physically distant (either in the classroom or in person and remote)? How do you provide active learning opportunities for students who are no in the classroom, or who are watching a recording? In this workshop, we will discuss strategies to promote engagement for students who are learning from different spaces and at different times. View Workshop Recording

Streaming sessions using Teams, Collaborate, or Zoom are initiated and configured as needed by the instructor at the beginning of the desired session. Similarly, an ad hoc Kaltura Classroom lecture capture session is initiated by the instructor as needed. Conducting a scheduled/automated Kaltura Classroom lecture capture session, on the other hand, has additional features and automation that require advanced scheduling and preparation by the Division of IT. If you would like to conduct a scheduled/automated Kaltura Classroom session, complete this request form at least two business days prior to your first desired session.

Request Form to Schedule Classroom Streaming

Building Support Rooms
Anderson Hall

College of Ed TILS
Primary: 815-753-2182
Secondary: 815-871-7502

  • AN206
Barsema Hall College of Business
  • BH104
  • BH110
  • BH127
  • BH131
  • BH132
  • BH133
  • BH200
  • BH210
  • BH227
  • BH300
  • BH301
  • BH310
  • BH331
  • BH333
Campus Life Building
  • CL110
  • CL115
Cole Hall DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • CO100
Davis Hall DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • DH116
  • DH121
  • DH308
  • DH309
  • DH313
DuSable Hall DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • DU148
  • DU176
  • DU204
  • DU212
  • DU246
  • DU310
  • DU322
  • DU340
  • DU440
  • DU448
  • DU459
Engineering Building College of Engineering & Engineering Technologies
  • EB101
  • EB143
  • EB241
  • EB254
  • EB337
Evans Field House DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • EF150
Faraday Hall DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • FR143
  • FR144
Gable Hall DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • GA126
Gable Hall CoE/DoIT Classroom & Media Tech Technology
  • GA143
  • GA222
Graham Hall DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • GH341
  • GH342
Graham Hall College of Education
  • GH242
Holmes Student Center
LaTourette Hall (formerly Faraday West) DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • FW200
  • FW300
Montgomery Hall
  • MO442
  • MO443
Nursing School College of Health and Human Sciences
  • NS100A
  • NS100B
  • NS111
Psychology/Computer Science DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • PM103
  • PM110
  • PM153
  • PM156
  • PM158
  • PM203
  • PM251
  • PM252
Stevens Building College of Liberal Arts & Sciences / DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • SB170AC
  • SB170B
  • SB235
  • SB241
Still Gym
  • SG212
Still Hall
  • SH103
  • SH6
Visual Arts Building DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • AB111
Wirtz Hall DoIT Classroom & Media Tech
  • WZ101
  • WZ103B
  • WZ110
  • WZ204

Sample Classroom Technology Configuration

Ad Hoc Lecture Capture using Kaltura Classroom

Scheduled Lecture Capture and Streaming using Kaltura Classroom

Two-Way Classroom Streaming using Blackboard Collaborate

Two-Way Classroom Streaming using Teams

Two-Way Classroom Streaming using Zoom

Frequently Asked Questions

When a room is marked as "complete" on the classroom technology installation dashboard, what does this mean?

Due to the worldwide shortage of web cameras, many rooms will initially be without cameras for a few weeks. We are calling a room "complete” if it is otherwise fully operational and can stream/share/capture content and audio. As soon as the cameras that are backordered arrive on campus, they will be installed in classrooms and the installation dashboard will be updated to reflect the addition of the camera. In the meantime, for alternatives when a camera may not be available in the classroom technology installation, please see shared backup plans for classroom streaming.

Streaming Options for Classroom Lectures

Classroom Streaming Technology Installation Status Dashboard

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