The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) supports more than 400 classrooms, conference rooms, labs and ballrooms in more than 70 buildings on campus. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to create a flexible teaching and learning environment that supports both in-person and remote learning capabilities, technology upgrades to classrooms are being implemented for fall 2021. These upgrades enable lecture-capture, two-way collaboration between faculty/instructor and in-person/remote students, and live-streaming of lectures to remote students.

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Status of classroom technology installation for fall 2021.

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Comparison of available streaming options for fall 2021.  

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Classrooms FAQ

When a room is marked as "complete" on the classroom technology installation dashboard, what does this mean?

Due to the global chip shortage we did not receive the Crestron Audio-Visual controller equipment, or Document Cameras, in time for fall. Faculty using rooms designated as “Full Upgrade” will need to use a software app installed on the room computer to power up the projector and control the in-room microphone and camera. Each “Full Upgrade” room is equipped with a 27” pen-enabled monitor and digital whiteboard software to help offset the lack of document cameras. As we receive additional equipment throughout the fall, DoIT will consult with college leadership to determine if installing the A/V controller and/or document cameras should be done mid-semester. For training on using the equipment controller app, the digital whiteboard software, and learning how to stream your classroom to remote students, please visit the CITL page and register for one of their upcoming training sessions.

What do I do if there is no sound coming from the computer?New

This might depend on what application is being used.

  1. If it's Teams:> Settings > Devices.  Select another speaker choice from the Speaker drop-down list. We recommend using the BenQ speaker as it is the most consistent.  
  2. If it's another application, try the Windows sounds settings and select BenQ as the output.

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(GH342) Graham Hall 342

Streaming Capabilities: Lecture Capture, Live Streaming

Room Equipment:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Closed Captioning
  • Instructor Station
  • Laptop Connection
  • Sound System
  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Screen
  • Microphone
  • Projector
  • Document Camera
  • Desktop Digital Whiteboard
  • Camera - Webcam

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