Using Meeting OWL Pro in a Hybrid/Streaming Classroom

The NIU Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Classroom Team is installing Meeting Owl Pros in some classrooms scheduled in Spring 2021 for hybrid course delivery, to enhance remote streaming and/or recording. The Meeting Owl Pro contains an array of cameras and microphones to provide intelligent 360-degree video and audio. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Meeting Owl Pro uses its microphones to keep presenters in the view of the camera and provides panoramic view of the entire room. The Meeting Owl Pro also includes a high-quality speaker that can be used to provide sound in the classroom.

Owl Pro camera and recording in a classroom

Meeting Owl Pro is a 360o smart conferencing camera with exceptional meeting experience, high resolution 1080p and premium sound.

  • Smart mics equalize speaking volume.
  • Compatible with all top platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Powered by Owl Intelligence SystemTM, it uses vision and voice to auto shift the camera. Also enabled to receive new smart features over time.

Configuring Streaming Applications for Meeting Owl Pro Use

To use the Meeting Owl Pro as the microphone, camera, and speaker in a streaming/recording tool such as Blackboard Collaborate, Teams, Zoom, or Kaltura Classroom, you may need to configure the input settings for the tool you choose to use. See below for instructions to configure each of these tools to use the Meeting Owl Pro for audio and video below.

When starting a Collaborate session, you will be prompted with the Audio/Video Test screens. Choose Meeting OWL Pro for the Audio and Video. If necessary, once in the Collaborate session, you can launch the Audio/Video Test again:

  1. Click the purple tab in the lower right corner of the Collaborate Session
  2. Click the My Settings gear icon
  3. Click Setup your camera and microphone
  4. Choose “Meeting OWL Pro” for each option

When you start your Teams session, you will be prompted with the audio/video settings page. Turn the video on and if necessary, click the settings gear icon and choose “Meeting OWL Pro” for all options. If necessary, once in the Teams session, you can modify the audio/video settings:

  1. Click the three dot (...) more actions menu in the top right and choose Device Settings
  2. Set the Speaker, Microphone, and Camera to Meeting OWL Pro

To setup your audio and video settings in Zoom to use the Meeting Owl Pro:

  1. Click the carat symbol (^) on the Microphone button in the lower left corner and set the microphone and speaker to Meeting Owl Pro
  2. Click the carat symbol (<strong^) on the Start Video button in the lower left corner and set the microphone and speaker to Meeting Owl Pro

Classrooms with Meeting Owl Pro

Classroom Installation

Installation Complete

  1. (AB100) Visual Arts Building 100
  2. (AN245) Anderson Hall 245
  3. (AN246) Anderson Hall 246
  4. (BH200) Barsema Hall 200
  5. (BH227) Barsema Hall 227
  6. (BH233) Barsema Hall 233
  7. (BH300) Barsema Hall 300
  8. (BH301) Barsema Hall 301
  9. (DH121) Davis Hall 121
  10. (DH309) Davis Hall 309
  11. (DU140) DuSable Hall 140
  12. (DU204) DuSable Hall 204
  13. (DU340) DuSable Hall 340
  14. (EB101) Engineering Building 101
  15. (FR143) Faraday Hall 143
  16. (FR144) Faraday Hall 144
  17. (FW300) LaTourette Hall 300
  18. (MB155) Music Building 155
  19. (MB201) Music Building 201
  20. (MB202) Music Building 202
  21. (MB203) Music Building 203
  22. (MO442) Montgomery Hall 442
  23. (NS111) Nursing School 111
  24. (SB130) Stevens Building 130
  25. (SB170AC) Stevens Building 170AC
  26. (SB170B) Stevens Building 170B
  27. (WL1029) Wellness/Literacy 1029
  28. (WZ101) Wirtz Hall 101

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