Using Meeting J5create 360 Camera in a Hybrid/Streaming Classroom

Many classrooms designated for hybrid course delivery have been outfitted with J5create 360 Cameras to enhance remote streaming and/or recording. This device contains two high-quality omnidirectional microphones and a wide-angle lens with six camera views that can be toggled simply by pressing a button on the camera.  The J5create does not contain a speaker.


The J5create 360° Camera is a 360° HD USB webcam that is simple and effective.  Features of this camera include:

  • Excellent audio pickup, with clear and loud audio up to 20+ feet
  • Six camera modes providing flexible video viewing for many different room configurations and meeting types
  • Plug-and-play USB camera with no special software needed
  • Compatible with Teams, Collaborate, and Zoom

There are three physical controls on the J5create:

  • Press the Mute/Unmute button to mute and unmute the J5create built-in microphones
  • While viewing a preview of the video in Teams, Collaborate or Zoom, press the Mode button once to enter the camera view menu, pressing the button again to toggle the view mode (see images below).
  • Tap or swipe the black touch ring (around the lens) to set the direction of the camera in Host Mode or Dual Host Mode.

Configuring Streaming Applications for J5create Desktop 360 Camera Use

To use the J5create 360 Camera as the microphone, camera, and speaker in a streaming/recording tool such as Blackboard Collaborate, Teams, or Zoom, you may need to configure the input settings for the tool you choose to use. See below for instructions to configure each of these tools to use the J5create for audio and video below.

When starting a Collaborate session, you will be prompted with the Audio/Video Test screens. Choose J5create 360 Meeting Webcam for the Audio and Video. If necessary, once in the Collaborate session, you can launch the Audio/Video Test again:

  1. Click the purple tab in the lower right corner of the Collaborate Session
  2. Click the My Settings gear icon
  3. Click Setup your camera and microphone
  4. Choose J5create 360 Meeting Webcam for each option

When you start your Teams session, you will be prompted with the audio/video settings page. Turn the video on and if necessary, click the settings gear icon and choose J5create 360 Meeting Webcam for all options. If necessary, once in the Teams session, you can modify the audio/video settings:

  1. Click the three dot (...) more actions menu in the top right and choose Device Settings
  2. Set the Microphone and Camera to J5create 360 Meeting Webcam

To setup your audio and video settings in Zoom to use the Meeting Owl Pro:

  1. Click the carat symbol (^) on the Microphone button in the lower left corner and set the microphone and speaker to J5create 360 Meeting Webcam
  2. Click the carat symbol (^) on the Start Video button in the lower left corner and set the microphone and speaker to J5create 360 Meeting Webcam

Classrooms with J5create Desktop 360 Camera

Classroom Installation

Installation Complete

  1. (AN248) Anderson Hall 248
  2. (BH110) Barsema Hall 110
  3. (BH111) Barsema Hall 111
  4. (BH113) Barsema Hall 113
  5. (BH119) Barsema Hall 119
  6. (BH231) Barsema Hall 231
  7. (BH240) Barsema Hall 240
  8. (BH333) Barsema Hall 333
  9. (CB112) Center for Black Studies 112
  10. (DU170) DuSable Hall 170
  11. (DU176) DuSable Hall 176
  12. (DU206) DuSable Hall 206
  13. (DU212) DuSable Hall 212
  14. (DU240) DuSable Hall 240
  15. (DU254) DuSable Hall 254
  16. (DU268) DuSable Hall 268
  17. (DU270) DuSable Hall 270
  18. (DU274) DuSable Hall 274
  19. (DU306) DuSable Hall 306
  20. (DU446) DuSable Hall 446
  21. (EB209) Engineering Building 209
  22. (EB221) Engineering Building 221
  23. (EB241) Engineering Building 241
  24. (GH339) Graham Hall 339
  25. (GH340) Graham Hall 340
  26. (GH341) Graham Hall 341
  27. (GH424) Graham Hall 424
  28. (MC204) McMurray Audiotrium 204
  29. (MO231) Montgomery Auditorium 231
  30. (NS100A) Nursing School 100A
  31. (NS100B) Nursing School 100B
  32. (RH201) Reavis Hall 201
  33. (RH202) Reavis Hall 202
  34. (RH205) Reavis Hall 205
  35. (RH207) Reavis Hall 207
  36. (RH201) Reavis Hall 209
  37. (SP150) Swen Parson 150
  38. (SP173) Swen Parson 173
  39. (SP258) Swen Parson 258
  40. (WZ103A) Wirtz Hall 103A
  41. (WZ103B) Wirtz Hall 103B
  42. (WZ222) Wirtz Hall 222
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