Cellular Stipend Revision 7/20/2015

Section 6.0

1.Effective immediately upon the approval of this policy (hereafter “effective date”), the University will no longer purchase new cell phones, nor will any existing cell phone contracts be renewed or extended. IT Communication Services will support NIU employees in transitioning to a personal plan for a period of 6 months after the effective date of this policy.

2. Employees can retain existing cell phone numbers and should make immediate arrangements with IT Communication Services (TS114/753‐8100) to transfer ownership of the phone number to their personal account.

4. EXISTING NIU EQUIPMENT (updated 2/28/2015) – To facilitate the transition to a Cellular Stipend plan, NIU acknowledges that cellular equipment previously purchased under the existing Cellular Services plan may continue to be used by the employee based on departmental approval as outlined in the Employee Cellular Services Stipend Agreement Form.
The employee is responsible for returning cellular equipment to the issuing department when no longer in use or when requested by the
department. This agreement is limited solely to equipment formerly purchased for use on the assigned account and does not constitute an intention on the part of NIU to provide cellular equipment henceforth for any employee eligible under the NIU Cellular Stipend plan.

5. Equipment upgrades will be the sole responsibility of the individual, and no allowance will be made to cover costs of upgraded cellular equipment.

6. NIU’s current managed cellular program does not contain early termination fees. As employees transition to a personal cellular plan with their chosen cellular provider, attention should be paid to any early termination penalties of the new plan. NIU will not be responsible for early termination charges associated with personal cellular plans.