Pre-award Spending

Advance account – an advance account may be requested to obtain a grant account number before the award is fully executed or received. Usually, advance accounts are used to initiate HRS paperwork for grant related personnel and for procurement purposes.

Generally, advance accounts cover costs incurred only within the project period identified in the sponsor’s award. However, many federal awards allow 90-day pre-award spending when an award is forthcoming, but has not yet been received by NIU. Sponsor approval may or may not be required.

Breaks between budget periods - a "break between budget periods" spending authorization may be requested when NIU has not yet received the next year’s funding increment for an existing award, SPA has submitted a request for a no-cost extension, and/or the PI needs to set-up HR/Payroll paperwork, etc. to meet internal deadlines. This keeps the grant account open to continue incurring charges while waiting for the next funding increment or award amendment.

Pre-award spending always carries institutional risk. As such, internal approvals are needed to initiate these spending authorizations.  To get started, request an approval form from SPA.