Award Review & Account Setup

SPA Review

SPA must review all sponsored awards prior to accepting them from the sponsor. While review procedures can differ depending on the sponsor and the type of award issued, SPA standard review includes comparing the notice of award with the original proposal and contacting the PI to discuss any discrepancies between the proposal and award prior to accepting the award.

SPA reviews the following award elements as part of the award review process:

  • Project Period
  • Funds Awarded
  • Terms and Conditions (in some cases, Legal Counsel may be sought)
  • Reporting Schedule and Procedures
  • Sponsor Agency Staff Contacts
  • Sponsor Award Number
  • Cost share commitments
  • Approvals for use of human subjects, laboratory animals, or biohazards
  • Any changes to the initial submission

SPA Award Set-Up and Notification

After SPA has completed the negotiation and/or the review of the award and has set-up the grant account in PeopleSoft, the SPA grants and contracts administrator sends an electronic Notice of Award (NOA) package to the PI.

The package includes the following project management forms:

  • Notice of award from SPA including terms and conditions of the award, grant account number, name of the grant administrator, and other key information
  • Award access authorization form
  • Sponsor award document
  • Award budget
  • Other documents specific to a particular award may also be included

The grants and contracts administrator sends the notice to the PI/project director, co-PI(s) or project co-directors, the department head(s), the college/division head(s), and the department and college/division business administrator(s) as identified to SPA.

TIPS: Always review the award information carefully and immediately contact the SPA grants and contracts administrator named in the NOA with any concerns or changes that should be made to the award.

PIs are encouraged to request a meeting with the grant administrator to discuss post-award processes and expectations for managing an award.

How Quickly Will You Receive Your Award from SPA?

It is SPA’s goal to provide grant account numbers to Investigators as quickly as possible so that project work can begin on time.

Investigators should generally expect to review their award packet within ten business days of SPA’s receipt of the final notice of award or fully signed contract from the sponsor. We will strive to shorten this time line where possible.

Awards involving significant negotiation or requiring compliance approvals and reviews may take longer to set-up. SPA will try communicate such delays to the investigator and will discuss any actions the investigator needs to take in order for SPA to release the award.

Urgent award notices will take priority based on project start date or other compelling factors. For example, an award for a project that is slated to start in two days will take priority over one that is not slated to start for two months.

Acceptance by authorized organizational representative

Only the associate directors/director of Sponsored Programs Administration, assistant vice president for research and sponsored programs and the vice president for research have signature authority to accept awards. When a signature is requested of the "signing official" or the "authorized official," the documentation must be sent to SPA for signature.

Remember: A completed System Tracking and External Project (STEP) form and proposal must be on file prior to the acceptance of an award. This includes approvals from the principal investigator (PI), Co-PI(s), Chair(s), Dean(s), and Director of SPA.