Progress and Final Reporting

Since the management of a sponsored award is a shared responsibility between the PI and multiple units on campus including SPA as agents of the grantee institution, it is very important to be up-to-date on project reporting. The SPA grants and contracts associate will submit the required financial reports to the sponsor agency at the appropriate time and it is expected that PIs submit their progress and final technical project reports in a timely manner and as outlined in the terms of the award. 

Because awards are made to NIU, an inability to submit required reports on time can affect future funding for not only the PI but for the entire university.

Select your agency for information on reporting and close-out requirements:


Principal Investigators (PIs) will use to view reporting requirements and create/submit annual, final, and interim project reports to NSF.

PIs who attempt to access project reports from FastLane will be redirected to

PIs will now see Project Outcomes Reports in their Project Report Dashboard on along with annual, final, and interim project reports.

Sponsored Project Officers (SPOs) will be able to search for and view reports through or FastLane.

NSF will withhold awards for all key personnel who are delinquent in submitting project reports. This means if you’re a co-PI on an award with a late report, NSF will delay new awards you may be expecting either as a PI or Co-PI. So if you as PI are delinquent on a report, you can also jeopardize a collaborator’s award, which can reflect negatively on the University.


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced new procedures and instructions for submitting annual progress reports for awards that are funded for multiple years at one time. These "multi-year funded (MYF) awards" are not funded incrementally in budget years, but are instead funded fully at the start of the project period. This includes awards made under the Academic Research Enhancement Award (R15) mechanism, among others.  SPA has developed detailed guidance and instructions to assist PI/PDs with developing and submitting a MYF progress report. If you have questions about this process, please contact the SPA Award Coordinator.

All NIH grantees should use the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) for all NIH award and Fellowship progress reports. RPPR formatting instructions for NIH awards are found in the NIH and Other PHS Agency RPPR Instruction Guide.

Department of Energy

DOE accepts reports in the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) format on their own electronic repository. More information can be found on the DOE Reporting Checklist and Instructions.


  • The New Technology Summary Report indicates whether or not new technology has been invented during the course of this award.  (Initial Reporting to Technology Transfer Office)
  • The Final Technical Report summarizes research and findings.
  • The Federally Owned Property report indicates whether or not federally owned property has been furnished during the course of this award. (Provided by SPA post award)