Tips for Justifying a No-Cost Extension

No-Cost Extension requests should include the following elements within the justification:
  • Detail the delays behind why the project will not be completed on time;
  • What has been/will be done to remedy these delays;
  • What tasks of the scope of work will completed over the next year;
  • Available budget balance and explanation for how funds will be used during the extension period; and
  • Confirmation of current compliance protocols, where appropriate.

Notifications and Requests for No-Cost Extensions through NSF should be initiated by the PI in FastLane.

Notifications for No-Cost Extensions through NIH will be made via the eRA Commons and will be submitted by SPA.

In extending the final budget period of the project period through this process, the PI agrees to update all required certifications and assurances, including but not limited to those pertaining to human subjects and vertebrate animals, in accordance with applicable regulations and policies. PIs are further reminded that all terms and conditions of the award apply during the extension period.