Contract-Proposal Connection

It is necessary to ensure that contract proposals and awards adhere to applicable university, sponsor and government regulations. Therefore, contract proposals and awards are subject to the same internal review and approval process as grant proposals and awards.

Please contact Kellie Dyslin, SPA associate director, for assignment to a SPA staff member to develop your budget and discuss your scope of work if contract funding is a possibility. It is important to have your budget vetted by SPA for the inclusion of all necessary costs before sharing a cost proposal with a sponsor. Your assigned SPA staff contact will confirm that these costs are included and presented in an appropriate format.

If cost information is incorrectly quoted to a sponsor prior to working with SPA and obtaining internal approvals, it may be necessary to approach the sponsor to see if additional funding is available to meet the required costs, and/or adjustments may need to be made to the scope of work in order to align it with the level of funding allowed.

SPA, in consultation with other campus offices as necessary, will negotiate agreement terms and conditions with sponsors on behalf of the University. Industry agreements, in particular, may require extensive negotiation due to the marked differences between a corporate sponsor’s commercial mission and the University’s educational mission. If you anticipate working with an industry partner, SPA can provide a copy of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership’s Researcher Guidebook for insight regarding the differing perspectives of corporate and academic entities.

Upon the PI’s final approval, all sponsored project agreements must be legally endorsed on behalf of the University by an Authorized Signatory, such as the Associate Director of Sponsored Programs Administration.