COVID-19 Guidance for Resuming Laboratory Research

Please refer to this webpage frequently for evolving guidance on laboratory operations. 

Work Schedules

Lab rosters must be established and maintained for all research activities. Rosters must include workers' names, dates and times of research. The preferred method of scheduling is only two workers in a lab on any one day.


Prior to the resumption of laboratory research, all lab workers must take the reopening training. The training can be found under ‘organizations’, then 'Office of Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety (ORCIS) content'.

Please contact ORCIS if you do not find it in your organization list.


A minimum of six feet of distance between people must be maintained. If additional equipment is needed to manage distancing contact ORCIS at


All high touch surfaces should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. A checklist can be used to ensure surfaces are sanitized.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All labs must update their PPE hazard assessment in InfoEd

Laboratories must provide adequate amounts of PPE. The Office of Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety can provide guidance on the proper types of PPE required.

  • Face covering must be worn at all times when working in the lab.
  • Masks can be constructed of a wide variety of materials.
  • Mask must entirely cover the nose and mouth.
  • Lab workers should consider having a dedicated mask for use in the lab.
  • Loose-fitting face coverings such as scarfs or bandannas cannot be worn in labs that use chemicals or open flames.
  • Mask should be form-fitting.

Appropriate masks are available through NIU Central Stores.

Additional Resources