Training & Education Requirements

In accordance with NIU Policy and federal regulations and guidelines, those faculty, staff and students involved in teaching or research with biohazardous substances are required to complete basic biosafety training to include risk management, safety work practices, personal protective equipment, disinfection and disposal. Specific biosafety training relating to the particular biohazardous material used is also required.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative at the University of Miami (CITI) is online training available to NIU students, faculty and staff. This training provides general information regarding the hazards.

Laboratory and protocol specific training is required as well as online training. This training shall be documented with a sign-in sheet describing the information covered, person providing the information and the signatures of individuals trained.

Basic Introduction to Biosafety shall be completed by those participating in any IBC protocol

CITI Biosafety/Biosecurity training includes the following modules:

  1. Biosafety and Biosecurity Introduction
  2. Biosafety Course Overview
  3. Risk Management Work Practices

In addition to the Biosafety/Biosecurity module, the area-specific modules shall be completed depending on the area of teaching/research. The additional area-specific training is as follows:

Recombinant DNA:

CITI: NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant and Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules

CITI: Dual Use Research of Concern

Human blood, body fluids, tissue and tissue cultures:

CITI: OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens – Biosafety/Biosecurity

Animal Biosafety

CITI: Animal Biosafety

In addition, appropriate animal care training needs to be completed before initiating work. See IACUC training requirements for more information.


CITI: Understanding Nanotechnology and its implications

Biosafety Refresher

CITI: Biosafety Retraining

IBC Members: A module specific for IBC members shall be completed.

CITI: Institutional Biosafety Committee Member Training