Submission and Review Process

  1. Complete the online IACUC form.
    • Select "click here" on the InfoEd login page. Do not enter your NIU username and password directly.
  2. Submission to IACUC. The form is submitted online. It is routed to the Chair of the department for "electronic signature" then routed to the ORCIS for submission to the next convened IACUC meeting.
  3. Initial Review. The protocol is presented at a convened quorum of the IACUC for a full committee review and vote. The committee’s decision to approve or disapprove the protocol is noted in the minutes; the committee may approve the protocol pending modifications, in which case the protocol will be approved upon receipt of the requested modifications by the Research Compliance Coordinator in ORCIS. The committee may also table the protocol and request major modifications, in which case the protocol will be re-submitted to the convened IACUC for review pending receipt of the revised protocol.
  4. Notification of Approval. Assuming approval by a convened quorum of the IACUC, the Research Compliance Coordinator will send the investigator written notification stating approval of the protocol. No protocol may ever be initiated, including the ordering of animals, until written approval is received.
  5. Notification of Disapproval. The reasons for disapproval will be given to the investigator who may request a meeting of a convened quorum of the IACUC or resubmit a revised protocol.

Proposed Significant Changes to an Active Protocol

Proposed significant changes to an active protocol must go through the same protocol approval process as described for the new protocol submissions.

Protocol Renewals and Annual Review of Active Protocols

At the end of each year, all investigators with active protocols will be asked to confirm that their protocols are active and that no changes have been made without the review and approval of the IACUC. Every three years, there will be a new, complete review of the IACUC protocol using all the criteria for initial review.