Publicity Plan

Position requests for faculty and supportive professional staff positions require a publicity plan. The publicity plan is an important component of the recruitment process and critical to attract a large diverse and qualified applicant pool. Strategies for broadening the applicant pool and "casting a wide net" should be included in the plan. We are available to assist with developing and implementing a comprehensive publicity plan, writing and positing the position announcement, and providing guidance and resources regarding all phases of the recruitment processes.

Once the request to fill the position has been approved by Human Resource Services, the department should work with an equal opportunity/affirmative action officer to executive the publicity plan.

Specific Job Board Posting

  • Industry
  • Discipline
  • Special interest
  • Diverse categories
  • Professional associations
  • Department website


  • Search committee outreach
  • Faculty/Staff target recruiting
  • Cultural houses outreach
  • Conferences and professional meetings
  • Newsletter
  • Alumni listserv
  • Word of mouth