Personal Care Attendants

Personal care attendants (PCAs) are allowed on campus with students with disabilities. PCAs must abide by NIU policies and codes of conduct. It is your responsibility to recruit, interview, hire, train and pay for PCAs.

When hiring a PCA, know how much assistance you need. Be clear and specific when talking to potential PCAs so they will understand specific needs and expectations. Discuss the details of the work arrangement. In addition, plan on employing one or two back-up PCAs for when a substitute is needed. If you have questions or concerns about the process of employing PCAs, discuss them with your Access Consultant.

If you are working with the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services, consult with your counselor to determine eligibility for financial reimbursement of PCA costs.

Students living on campus at NIU who employ a PCA should familiarize themselves with the Housing Handbook and Policies.

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